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Orla Stevens

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Craig Sinclair

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Orla Stevens

Orla Stevens is an artist currently based between Scotland and Berlin. A love for expressive mark making and texture formed on her degree in printed textiles at Edinburgh College of Art. 


Firmly rooted in painting and playful mark making, Orla Stevens’ work explores connections with the natural world and the history / folklore tied to these locations - interpreting the sensory experience of landscape / seascape, soundscapes and storytelling through expressive mixed media pieces. 


Finding inspiration everywhere from many walking and camping trips, to myths, to historical sites and buildings; Orla documents her experiences through sketchbooks that she carries everywhere with her, which provide records of moments, sounds and memories to later inspire work. Artwork is created in the studio, blending mixed media processes: combining painting, drawing and collage to capture atmosphere, memories and emotions.


Interview with Orla Stevens on 'Sagas and Seascapes' collaboration
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Craig Sinclair

Video Producer. Drone Pilot. Storyteller. 

Craig Sinclair is an Edinburgh-based video producer creating a variety of engaging and creative video content for over 8 years.

A Film and Media student from the University of Stirling in Scotland, Craig learned to read and interpret film and television, before honing his skills in video and audio production.

Ever since, Craig has let his combined creativity and passion for filmmaking to learn the latest after effect and cinematic camera techniques to create a wide range of video.

On every project, Craig is out to impress, going over and beyond on every project to make deliver high quality video content. Which is why Craig is delighted to have provided ongoing video content for his clients.


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