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Norse stories and landscapes around the northern sea-routes form the inspiration for this performance by Nordic Viola.
Live performance of new commissions by Scottish-based and Faroese composers stand alongside stunning video of Far Northern landscapes and specially commissioned artwork, as well as interviews with the composers.

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Norse stories and landscape around the northern sea-routes form the inspiration for this performance live onstage by Nordic Viola. Award-winning Scottish-based Irish composer Linda Buckley’s Aud reflects on the journey from Ireland via Scotland and the Northern Isles of this remarkable early settler of Iceland as told in the Icelandic Sagas in a piece specially commissioned by Nordic Viola. Lillie Harris’ sextet Elsewhen seeks to capture the strangeness, wonder, and melancholy of Orkney’s ancient sites, whilst in Carry His Relics for flute and viola, Orkney composer Gemma McGregor describes the journey of the remains of St Magnus from Birsay to Kirkwall along the present-day St Magnus Way. Eli Tausen á Lava from the Faroe Islands reflects on legends of the Selkies, common across the cultures of the Far North, in Søgnin um Kópakonuna í 10 Myndum (The Tale of the Sealwoman in 10 pictures) for flute and clarinet. This piece was co-commissioned by Nordic Viola and the Aura Duo from Spain/Denmark.


The music is accompanied on screen by stunning video curated by Craig Sinclair of Orcadian and North Atlantic landscapes as well as film of the creative process behind specially commissioned artwork by landscape painter Orla Stevens, which provides abstracted colours and textures that respond to the music. Learn about the inspiration behind the music as the composers meet in Orkney to experience the sites that inspired their creations. Nordic Viola was founded in 2016.


Their performances are a unique blend of contemporary and traditional music from, and inspired by, the cultures and landscapes of the North Atlantic. Twice shortlisted for the Scottish Awards for New Music, they have commissioned many new works from emerging composers in Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. 

Through our crowd-funder we have been backed by many supportive businesses, charities, organisations and individuals, who have made these performances possible. Thank you for your generosity & support!

With this funding we are taking our performances to the Fringe: expanding our film footage by Craig Sinclair - adapted for live performance, and commissioning an additional painting by Orla Stevens in response to 'Søgnin um Kópakonuna í 10 Myndum'. 

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